Nadia has been singing since before she could talk (according to her Mom).  Starting at very young age she started composing music and honed her craft with the help of her very talented musical parents.   While attending business school at University of Texas, in 1980, she fronted her first band the Torpedoes.   It was in Austin that Nadia developed a love for the  Blues.  She watched Stevie Ray Vaughan play on a double handle guitar with his brother Jimmy , The Fabulous Thunderbird's, Lou Ann Barton, Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli, and many more.  In addition to the blues, Nadia has a country tone that colors  some of her writing and vocals which she also attributes to Austin.  

In 1990 Nadia lived in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and fronted another band called The Recessions.  There she honed her song writing skills and outdoor adventure aptitude, and could regularly be heard at the Silver Dollar Saloon, Mangy Moose, and Cadillac Bar.  

In 1993 Nadia moved to Philadelphia to work on her acting career.  It was here she met up with Stevie Laracca, a blues guitar player with chops that reminded her of Stevie Ray.  She formed the band Witch Doctors, and continued writing and playing in clubs in Philadelphia.  During this time, Nadia was able get the breaks she needed to pursue her acting career, and turned her focus towards NYC.  

Becoming a busy actress,  show host, and voice over artist, left little time for bar singing, but Nadia still harbored a love for song writing and performing. 

At the urging of her friends and family, Nadia decided to once again focus on music and she headed to M and I Studios in NYC to record.

Currently Nadia is once again following her passion for music.

Nadia recorded  'Fever" and "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" at M and I Recording in NYC Fall 2012

 Nadia Singing with her new band Nadia & 9V Lovers in October 2015

Nadia singing with her band the Witch Doctors in 1999

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